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Opening Hours: 8.30am – 6.00pm … Monday-Saturday … by appointment only.

Sundays and Public holidays must be requested  in advance of the required date, as our day spa is not otherwise open on these days …        (10% surcharge applies).

   So that we can provide you with a memorable experience at our day spa, advance bookings are advised. We CANNOT guarantee availability, particularly for couple’s treatments, with last minute enquiries.

Couples treatments taken together are only available if booking a minimum 60 minute treatment per person. For small groups of 3+ people, with treatments taken together, a minimum 90 minute treatment per person is required.

PRICES ARE PER PERSON: 35 mins $65 … 60 mins $110 … 90 mins $160

• Foot Reflexology … the feet are a mirror to our body, here we finger walk over the souls of the feet, stimulating other parts of the body          … 35 mins

• Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy  … constantly feel tight or sore in a localized part of a muscle of the body, then this could be for you … 35 mins

• Remedial Massage [firm pressure] … For the person who’s used to getting strong deep massages to prevent a build up of tension in the body … 35 – 90 mins

• Therapeutic Massage [light to medium pressure] … Want a massage that works on the knots, but keeps you in a relaxing state of mind             … 35 – 90 mins

• Hot Stone Massage … Here we combine oil massage (therapeutic or remedial, depending on your preference), with hot stones. The massage loosens tight muscles, and the heat from the stones melts the tension away … 90 mins only

• Zen Shiatsu Therapy … Is your body feeling out of sync? This Japanese re-balancing treatment works on releasing blockages along the meridian lines that are most out of balance in your body. Requires loose comfortable clothing, and the ability to lie on a futon on the floor …        90 mins only … This treatment can not be done as a couple’s or small group treatment

• Healing Foot Soak followed by a Foot Exfoliation & Massage … Our precious feet work hard for us, they deserve a little TLC … and will absolutely love this treatment! … 35 mins

• Exhilarating Full Body Exfoliation and Polish … In the same way as we cleanse and exfoliate our faces, we also have the opportunity to treat our entire body … 60 mins

Add – Ons

• add a nourishing and rehydrating paraffin wax hand or foot treatment … softens rough and damaged skin … $30

• add an amazingly effective callus remover heel treatment …  gives fantastic results to hard callused heels … $30


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